Brandon Melendez is a New York City Educator and Writer. With a background in Childhood Education and  Special Education and a drive for Social Justice and equity, he is active politically through a variety of avenues–including the Elementary School classroom with New York City’s Department of Education and in the American Urban Studies Program as an Adjunct Professor at Metropolitan College of New York. Additionally, his writings on politics, pop culture and everything in between can be found at Maglomaniac, Polite on Society, and on Amazon.

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in American Urban Studies from Metropolitan College of New York and a Dual Master of Arts in Childhood Education and Childhood Special Education from New York University, Melendez offers his perspective on a wide variety of issues and topics. As an Elementary School Teacher and Adjunct College Professor, Melendez hold strong views on the direction of American Education, particularly the attrition of the Public School System via the practices of standardization and privatization and the inequity of the system at large.

Brandon Melendez is the President and Editor-in-Chief of Maglomaniac and its publishing imprint Eat Your Serial Press. Paramount among his duties as E-i-C is assembling, rallying, and participating in the writing duties of a bullpen of writers to create the daily and feature content for the company’s online magazine. Maglomanaic strives to be the best source for content on the internet, and is taking over the world one word at a time. At Maglomaniac, Melendez is able to release not only his political writings but the musings and thoughts of his inner nerd, contributing content that ranges from OpEds, to movie reviews, to feature columns on books, comic books, music, lists, and the world in general.

Melendez is also a contributor at Polite on Society, providing postings on both Education and Politics, and occasionally providing political cartoons and meme-style images. Polite on Society is an award winning blog of social and political commentary, and is an open and intellectual space for a wide range of thoughtful conversations.

Brandon’s novel/memoir Ten Years Gone: Pomp and Circumstance can be purchased through Amazon in both print and digital formats as released by Maglomaniac‘s independent publishing imprint Eat Your Serial Press. The book was fully illustrated by Ben Silberstein, and edited by Serena Abraham. It is a humorous look at the growing pains we all experience in High School. Check it out for an unexceptional story exceptionally told.